Artist Statement

Growing up in the mountains of Austria, I developed my passion for being out in nature and for seeing how wildlife interacts with the environment. Many years later, when living in Massachusetts, I got my first camera and started to capture those fleeing moments on film.

Now, with Point Richmond as my home base, I travel the world to capture the beauty of birds and the unique places where birds live. Bird photography allows me to combine my passions for being close to nature and global travel to places that are off the beaten path.

Birds are incredibly beautiful by themselves, but they also give a unique perspective into the landscapes and habitats they call home. I do not use photography equipment most commonly used by professional wildlife photographers, such as super telephoto lenses, tripods, or fill flash. My preference is to spend time in the field with the birds and use handheld, modest telephoto lenses to capture more of the personality of birds and how they connect to their environment. Like my bird photographs, my travel photos are less about documenting an actual place and more about connecting the viewer to an experience or feeling.

Since becoming a serious birdwatcher, I have photographed close to 2,000 unique bird species in over 100 countries and I share some of those impressions on

Joseph Wurcher a.k.a. Globalbirder